Saturday, 26 December 2015


A long time ago when computer games were on audio cassettes and computers had 32K of RAM, I wrote a game

It was with a small company, Peaksoft. According to the potted history of Peaksoft it got some ok reviews

  • Remarkable ... Fantastic Detail ... Graphics 100% ... Value 100% - "Home Computing Weekly"
  • Ingenious ... Brilliant - "Personal Computer Games"

That's not how I remember it (I'd taught myself how to program and was learning as I wrote). I got about half a year's pay from it (that I was going to get money for something I enjoyed came as a shock) and I had the chance to see my game at a stall in a Computer Game show.

Here's some of the draft code -

And here's some of the draft graphics -

The dragon computer is on display at the History of Computing museum -

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